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For reference, the steam shower pictured has the following products:

-shower walls are 12x24 Valdi Polished Marble

-picture frame on back wall is Thassos and Valdi Poince Polished Marble and is framed out with Valdi Polished Marble Pencils

-shower floor and main floor is 18x18 Valdi Honed Marble

*We are always happy to personally help you put together a design or assist in selecting materials or knowing how much of each item to order.  Please call us at 847-917-8453 or email us at design@briddickhome.com

Our Valdi Marble is an understated white marble with hushed variegation of veins including white, pearl, ash and dark grey.  

Valdi possesses a unique pearl color in some of the veining.  Valdi is widely used as an alternative to more expensive white marbles and still has the potential to create a high end look.  Valdi does have quite a bit of color variation; see pictures for detail.