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  1. Clean Regularly - Cleaning tile and grout on a regular basis with a gentle cleaner is always helpful to keep it clean and to prevent build up.
  2. Remove Stains/Deep Cleaning - To remove tough stains, grout haze or build up, you will need a more powerful cleaner.  We recommend a product that has phosphoric acid in it for most porcelain & ceramic tiles.  Phosphoric acid is not safe for natural stone.  Always check the bottle to make sure what you are using is suitable for the type of tile you have, and test an inconspicuous area to make sure the tile is not affected. These products will take the finish off of your tile, so you will need to reseal it. 
  3. Sealing - Grout is a mixture of cement, water and differently sized aggregates.  Because grout is a porous substance, microscopic pores allow dirt to become trapped below the surface, where regular mopping cannot remove it.  Dirt continues to build up inside these pores, leaving the grout looking discolored and dirty.  Grout sealers offer stain resistance but not stain-proofing. Heavy traffic and repeated cleanings may reduce the stain-resistant quality of grout seals.  We recommend cleaning and re-sealing your grout every year at minimum, and after any deep cleaning.