Alpine Marble Polished

A fine, milky-white marble from Turkey, our Alpine Marble is a premium Bianco Dolomiti. This is a classic Turkish marble from the upper echelon of whitestones, with distinctive, smooth grey veining.

Alpine Marble Collection White Dolomite Marble is used in large slabs or tiles for floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens and throughout the home or in commercial projects. It adds beauty and elegance to any room. 

You can create very elegant, timeless classic look by just adding pewter or silver or crystals and yet it can be used in very contemporary surrounding with simple clean lines due to the clean, simple and crisp look of the Alpine Marble Collection White Dolomite Marble

Alpine Marble Collection White Dolomite Marble tile has white background with light grey veining.


- Origin of Turkey 
- Light white colors with grey veining

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