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 After sketching & planning, one of the first steps for us was selecting the perfect materials for the project. The first selections were of reclaimed oak wood, literally taken from an old barn in Mchenry, IL, loaded onto one of our work trucks,  and hauled back to our warehouse to begin some tedious work of pulling nails!

We’ll keep you hanging a little longer to see what we created with this beautiful wood!

Tear Out

As you can see from the following pictures, we started from scratch, tearing out old flooring and walls, and reframing to fit our design.


Custom Cabinetry 

Here’s a few other places we used the barn wood…

Accent Wall & Arched Ceiling

 A favorite feature for sure is the “wine cellar” space.  We installed a ledger stone with a nice mix of both warm and cool colors, bringing that Old World feel into the room, and keeping with the rustic, historical, french-country theme.

 After the rough construction was complete, we tiled the floor with a warm natural marble from turkey.  To go along with our French Country feel, we chose this beautiful stone in a versailles pattern.  It has nice grey and gold tones to bring everything in the room together.  What you can’t see in the pictures is the Nu-heat floor heating system.  This brings a much needed heat to a cold basement floor.

 After the stone was installed we brought in our custom cabinets and started the finish work. We brought in these beautiful iron gates and restored them to their original beauty, and used them to close the cellar from the rest of the room.

 The final trim work was installed.  The custom reclaimed light fixture was hung, and brings interest to the ceiling by casting shadows onto the shiplap.