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Crema Marfil Backsplash with Arched Picture Frame


European Style

Kitchen Backsplash with Arch

This custom backsplash was super fun!  While the main areas in between the cabinetry were tiled with a simple 2x4 subway tile, this space above the stove was going to be a featured accent in the room.  
Here's a close up of the design.  For the main space around the accent piece we used the following products: On the sides and above the frame we used our Mini Brick mosaic Polished Crema Marfil Tile.  Underneath the frame we used a classic 2x4 subway tile in the same stone.  To transition between the mini brick and the 2x4 we just used a simple pencil trim in the matching stone. Now for the feature piece!  The main area above the stove is tiled with our Crema Marfil Clipped Diamond.  The tricky part here is the arch.  Because the cabinetry is arched, we wanted to create a backsplash that would feel like it fit with the space.  For all of the frame we used the same piece, our Crema Marfil Elegant Chair Rail.  We just just the chair rail as necessary, and then when we wanted it to arch, we had to cut in smaller pieces to achieve the curved look.  Pretty simple, and gives a beautiful custom feel.  Our client was super happy with the final result!